As you might be aware, February is Heart Awareness Month and since I have had personal experiences with children born with congenital heart defects (approximately 1 in every 100 children will be born with a heart defect) and am affected with one myself, I wanted to donate to a charity involved with research or curing heart-related illnesses and defects.

Which led me to the International Children's Heart Foundation, whose mission is "to bring the skills, technology and knowledge to cure and care for children with congenital heart disease in developing nations. ICHF does this regardless of country of origin, race, religion or gender. Our goal is to make the need for ICHF obsolete. We work toward this goal through our medical mission trips, where we operate on children and educate local healthcare professionals."

Also from their website:

$ 25 – Your gift combines with others to provide life-saving surgeries
$ 50 – The cost of training materials for the local staff
$ 100 – The cost of medicine for one life-saving surgery
$ 250 – The cost of one surgical heart patch to heal a heart
$ 500 – The cost of surgical heart patches to heal two heart’s
$ 1000 – The cost of airfare for a doctor or nurse to save lives
$ 3500 – The cost of a heart surgery to save a child’s life
$ 20000 – The cost to sponsor a Babyheart surgical team
$ 55000 – The cost to sponsor a Babyheart medical mission

While the cost of some of those items are probably out of reach, I really think we can make a difference in the life or lives of others if we call come together to help.


With advancements in battlefield medicine and body armor, an unprecedented percentage of service members are surviving severe wounds or injuries. For every US soldier killed in World Wars I and II, there were 1.7 soldiers wounded. In Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, for every US soldier killed, seven are wounded. Combined, over 48,000 servicemen and women have been physically injured in the recent military conflicts.

In addition to the physical wounds, it is estimated as many as 400,000 service members live with the invisible wounds of war including combat-related stress, major depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Another 320,000 are believed to have experienced a traumatic brain injury while on deployment.

With the mission to honor and empower Wounded Warriors, WWP is the hand extended to encourage warriors as they adjust to their new normal and achieve new triumphs. Offering a variety of programs and services, WWP is equipped to serve warriors with every type of injury – from the physical to the invisible wounds of war.

WE CONNECT warriors, their families, and caregivers to peers, programs, and communities.

WE SERVE by providing free mental health and wellness, physical health and wellness, career and benefits counseling, and support for the most severely injured.

WE EMPOWER warriors to live life on their own terms, mentor fellow warriors, and embody the WWP logo by carrying their peers toward recovery.

Soldier of Love

18" x 24" three color screen print on 100 lb cover stock

with gloss varnish overlaying the colored parts

Red- signed timed edition - on sale from Thursday, February 8, 2018 at noon CST until Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at noon CST

Purple- signed timed edition - on sale from Thursday, February 8, 2018 at noon CST until Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at noon CST

However many prints are sold during that time period will determine the edition size of that run.  Please expect a few weeks after the sale for printing and delivery.

ALL proceeds to benefit the International Children's Heart Foundation ( and the Wounded Warrior Foundation (